Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing

DesignCAM is a full-service CNC Router shop with over 15 years experience in supplying custom made router cut products to various industries in New Zealand. Providing intelligent solutions to a range of complex projects is our expertise, and enabling you to realise real tangible benefits. We only use high-quality routers and top of the line machine software to aid our specialised designers in creating products for machining and manufacturing.

Our 3D capable computer controlled router enables us to offer a comprehensive range of cutting and engraving services, enabling you to increase the products you can offer your clients. We specialize in routing projects for sign making and lettering, furniture components, POP displays, boat manufacturing, architectural design and much more.


Custom 3D models

When performance is a prerequisite a scale model will often be built and then tested extensively. We can supply a scale model to a tolerance of 0.1mm ensuring the tank results accurately represent the performance of the finished vessel .

solid oak bear.jpg


Our technology is perfect for sculpting, we take your digital model and
produce a sculpt fast and accurately on our 3-axis CNC machines,
although we have the ability to sculpt traditionally as well. 


Sign making
3D lettering and logos

DesignCAM has been servicing
the sign making industry with 3D,
metal and acrylic fabricated lettering and engraving.

Precision-cut 3D moulds
& pattern making

DesignCAM specialises in the design and prototyping of tooling moulds for casting. Frequently starting out with a raw chunk of material, the company uses its 3-axis routers to machine a 3D mould into non-ferrous metals, plastics, timber and urethane to name a few.

Oak engraving.JPG

Laser cutting and engraving

We have a 130w CNC Laser with a table size of 1300mm x 890mm. It can cut and engrave up to 10mm thick acrylic, MDF, plywood and timber.



3D printing

One of the best 3D printers in the country, the Replicator Z18 has an enormous 2,952 cubic inches of space to create extra large and tall industrial concept models and prototypes. Create and imagine bigger than ever. 

CAD, (Computer Aided Design)

CAD is the software used in order to bring ideas into reality. CAD provides functional details for the manufacturing of products; be an office desk, 3D models, boat moulds or complex organic shapes. Our designers have the skills and knowledge to draw up any idea to perfection.

The CAD programs we use, such as Rhino and AutoCAD enable us to create structural and architectural
instalments and designs.

Examples of our designers drawing talents. Organic curves from a rocket instalment to the fine details of the 4m tall model from the Doctor Gloom play.



Rusty: 3 axis router

Baosen B1-48A
1220mm x 2440mm
machining Bed


Replicator Z18
30.0 L X 30.5 W X 45.7 H CM

download (1).jpg

ART 1: 3 axis router

ART 4400SV
machining Bed


GSI 380W Laser 1250x2500mm Cutting Bed, Best suited to cut Timber, MDF, Ply, Acrylics, Plastics, Leather, Felt, Cloth, Rubber and more.


ART 2: 3 axis router

ART 5700SV
machining Bed